Hair Refrigerated Variety Grinder,DHFSTPRP-CL96
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  • Hair Refrigerated Variety Grinder,DHFSTPRP-CL96
  • Hair Refrigerated Variety Grinder,DHFSTPRP-CL96
  • Hair Refrigerated Variety Grinder,DHFSTPRP-CL96
  • Hair Refrigerated Variety Grinder,DHFSTPRP-CL96
Hair Refrigerated Variety Grinder,DHFSTPRP-CL96Hair Refrigerated Variety Grinder,DHFSTPRP-CL96Hair Refrigerated Variety Grinder,DHFSTPRP-CL96Hair Refrigerated Variety Grinder,DHFSTPRP-CL96

Hair Refrigerated Variety Grinder,DHFSTPRP-CL96

  • Hair Refrigerated Variety Grinder
  • Product description: Hair Refrigerated Variety Grinder,DHFSTPRP-CL96

The LAWSON DHFSTPRP-CL64 Freezer is a special, fast, efficient, multi-tube, consistent system. It can extract and purify raw DNA, RNA, and proteins from any source, including soil, plant and animal tissues/organs, bacteria, yeast, fungi, spores, paleontological specimens, and the like. Three key elements of sample processing: High-efficiency grinding - processing up to 192 samples in one batch Low temperature grinding - grinding temperature can be customized Does not destroy sample composition - low temperature protection sample composition

Technical features

Refrigeration adjustable

Cooling speed

Large grinding flux

Good grinding effect

Closed grinding

Repetitive stability

Program can be stored


save time and energy

High speed and convenience

High-throughput sample processing

Good experimental repeatability

The sample is completely closed without cross-contamination

Low noise ≤55db: Use brushless frequency conversion motor

No liquid nitrogen operation required, high safety

No wearing parts design, electromagnetic locking protection

Stainless steel cavity, easy cleaning and disinfection

No regular maintenance

Grindable sample:

1. Plant tissue: roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, etc.

2. Animal tissues: brain, heart, lungs, stomach, liver, thymus, kidneys, intestine, lymph nodes, muscles, bones, etc.

3. Fungal bacteria: Yeast, E. coli, etc.

4. Food and medicine: various types of food, tablets, etc.

5. Volatile Samples: Coal, oil shale, wax products, etc.

6. Plastics, polymers: PE, PS, textiles, resins, etc.

Extract nucleic acids/proteins

Cryomilled samples can effectively inhibit nucleic acid degradation and retain protein activity

Analysis of medicinal ingredients

There are often significant differences between isomers of pharmaceutical active ingredients. Cryogenic grinding prevents molecules from degrading due to pressure and heat

Reduce sample volatilization

Cryogenic grinding can significantly reduce the volatilization of the sample and preserve the content of the sample more completely Grinding toughness/hard samples

For difficult-to-abrasive samples such as high-toughness plastics, high-strength plastics, and resins, cryogenic grinding can greatly improve the grinding effect and efficiency.

DHFSTPRP-CL64 Liquid Nitrogen Freeze Grinding Machine uses a special vertical up and down one-piece vibration mode, through the high-frequency reciprocating vibration, impact, shearing of the grinding beads (zirconia, steel ball, glass beads, ceramic beads). Fast implementation. Makes the milled sample more full, more uniform, better sample repeatability, and no cross-contamination between samples.

Applications: Tissue grinding, homogenization, cell disruption, homogenization, material dispersion, preparation, sample mixing, oscillation, etc.

Processing capacity: The maximum processing capacity within 15 seconds can handle 24 samples at the same time, one compressor cooling

Compatible sample book: 64*(0.2-0.5ML)/24*2ML/12*(5-15)ML/4*25ML/2*50ML, any size grinding tube can be customized Display mode: touch screen display, convenient and intuitive operation

Data storage: Ten sets of experimental data can be stored. According to different experimental samples, animal heart, spleen, lung, kidney, bone, skin and hair patterns are set.

Mode cycle: According to the set experimental parameters, it can be continuously cycled between several set parameters to further reduce the interference of human factors.

Maximum feed size: no requirement, adjust according to adapter

Refrigeration function: Yes, adjustable from -30 degrees to 37 degrees

Temperature control accuracy: + 0.5°C

Open cover protection: electromagnetic lock

Final discharge particle size: ~5μm

Number of grinding platforms: (Acceptable grinding tanks) >2

Fastening device: with automatic centering

Homogeneous speed: 0-70 Hz/second, working time: 0-99 minutes, users can set their own

Grinding ball diameter: 0.1~30mm

Grinding ball materials: alloy steel, chromium steel, zirconia, tungsten carbide, quartz sand

Acceleration: Maximum speed in 2 seconds

Deceleration: Minimum speed in 2 seconds

Noise level:<55db

Grinding method: wet grinding, dry grinding, cryogenic grinding

Constant temperature can be reprovisioned: with the ability to upgrade to cryogenic liquid nitrogen refrigeration or air chiller refrigeration

Adapter material: PTFE, alloy steel

Safety instructions: Fastening device with automatic center positioning Safety lock during operation, full protection Grinding Kit Materials: Rigid, PTFE, Teflon, Zirconia


Weight: 58 Kg


Adapter Ø2ml set Cooling Adapter Ø2ml Set or Ø1.5ml Set (2 Select 1)

Grinding bead 1.Ø5 imported stainless steel grinding beads 1000 or Ø5 imported ceramic grinding beads 1000 (2 selected 1);

2. Ø3 imported stainless steel grinding beads 1000

Special grinding tube 200

Dedicated bead gun set (optional)

Object to be extracted: Animal tissue-DNA LW-D-P1 (optional)

Extraction target: animal tissue-RNA LW-D-P2 (optional)

Object of extraction: Animal tissue - Protein LW-D-P3 (optional)

Extraction target: plant tissue-DNA LW-Z-P1 (optional)

Extraction object: plant tissue - RNA LW-Z-P2 (optional)

Extraction Object: Plant Tissue - Protein LW-Z-P3 (optional)

Extraction target: Microbial DNA LW-W-P1 (optional)

Extraction target: Microorganisms - RNA LW-W-P2 (optional)

Extraction Object: Microorganisms - Protein LW-W-P3 (optional)

Precautions before use:

1. The matching LW kit can be used to quickly, efficiently, stably, and bulkly extract DNA/RNA proteins in samples.

2. 1Hz=30 revolutions/sec / 1Hz=100RPM

3. Conventional adapters can be placed in the refrigerator to give the sample a cold environment at work. Can be equipped with a cooling adapter, can be soaked in liquid nitrogen for more than thirty minutes.

4. The noise emission value for the work environment depends on the type of sample and the settings of the mill. The parameters in the table are empty.

5. A small amount of sample, usually used for DNA and RNA separations, can be prepared in disposable centrifuge tubes. Adapters made of PTFE can be used to hold 5 or 10 disposable sample tubes for cell disruption. In multiple sample tissues The cell tissue in the mill is broken down quickly and efficiently in an extremely short period of time, eliminating the need for additional cryogenic refrigeration

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