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Grinding machine for teeth, bone grinding

Bone and teeth are common samples in forensic identification, but DNA extraction from bones and teeth is a difficult point in forensic DNA testing. Teeth and bone are the hardest tissues in the human body and can often go through thousands or even tens of thousands of years. Corruption and disintegration. Fragments of DNA molecules can be preserved for a long time after the death of the organism. Modern molecular biology can be used to extract DNA molecules that remain in ancient human and animal samples, allowing direct analysis of genetic information.
Bone dental grinding equipment: It is very inconvenient to add liquid nitrogen several times, and it is easy to operate liquid nitrogen many times. In recent years, with the complexity of the case materials, there are more and more samples that are difficult to handle, such as bones and teeth. The rapid and homogenized pre-crushing treatment of these samples is an important prerequisite for obtaining high-quality nucleic acid and downstream str detection. The high-speed vibrating grinding beads are used to break and homogenize the sample, and each sample tube is closed without crossover. Pollution. These difficult-to-treat biological samples can be broken and homogenized quickly and efficiently, especially for efficient fragmentation of forensic samples such as bones and teeth. At the same time, for other animal tissues, plants, bacteria, yeast, etc., it can also exhibit a very good pre-treatment effect of crushing, and meet the requirements of various sample breaking.



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