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How does the grinder help our lives?

The grinder can not only help us to do some scientific experimental research, but now he has also greatly helped the animal's matching diet, and the delivery of the substance, it seems that today can be a wave of tissue grinder Great share of the advantages.
Prevent harsh eating mixes. The feed formula uses a variety of raw materials, nutrients all-round, to avoid small animals from the baby milk powder to choose their favorite, with other spices. Feeding damage can be reduced by 8% - 10% due to the symmetry of the dry plastic processing concentrate during storage and feeding. The yield of concentrate feed is high. In the whole process of the dry granule mechanism, due to the comprehensive effect of moisture, temperature and working pressure, some physicochemical reactions are produced in the concentrate, which causes gelatinization of the tapioca starch, and the enzymatic reaction is improved, so that the feeding of small animals It can more properly digest and absorb concentrate and gain weight. Feeding poultry and pigs with pelleted feed can increase the conversion rate of concentrate. In contrast to pellets, the utilization is 10% - 12%. The daily average net weight increased by 4% and the concentrate rate decreased by 6%. Feeding meat chickens, the proportion of raw meat can be reduced by 3% ~ 10%. Storage and transportation are more economical. Molding processing generally increases the bulk density of concentrates by 40% to 100%, reduces storage capacity, and saves logistics costs. Good liquidity and easy management methods. A lot of powder, very much these are some of the velvet concentrate, plus molasses or high-fat and urea solution concentrates so persistently concentrate feed stocks. Because of its fluidity and non-adhesion, it is the application of fully automatic concentrates for this hot pellet feed cattle and poultry farm. Prevent the automatic classification of concentrate ingredients and reduce air pollution. The high-throughput tissue grinder is easy to classify and manufacture in the whole process of storage and transportation of powdered raw materials because of the high cost-effectiveness of various powders. After the granulation, the concentrate ingredients are not classified, and the particles are not easy to smoke. In the whole process of feeding, the environmental pollution of particulate matter to gas and water is far lower than that of powder equipment. Kill tuberculosis in animal feed. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is stored in small animal institutions when ingested by small animals, and people who are infected with small animals that are infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis are suffering from tuberculosis intestinal diseases. Steam quenching and reshaping can kill tubercle bacilli in animal feed.
There are so many advantages of the original grinder. I didn’t know it before. It’s finally a good idea.



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