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Application of high-throughput grinder in the detection of ground feed samples

Trace elements in animal feed play a very important role. They are essential nutrients for animals and also important cofactors for enzyme active centers in the body's metabolism. In modern aquaculture and environmental protection, the quality of trace elements in feed is particularly important. If the addition is unscientific, the ratio is unreasonable, and a small amount or excessive addition will not have a nutritional effect, or even have a counterproductive effect. In severe cases, the fed animal will be poisoned. The production of high-quality feed requires the selection of high-quality and low-cost feed materials, scientific formula design according to the characteristics of animal nutrition needs, and advanced processing techniques to produce products that meet quality standards.
The factors that affect the quality of feed ingredients include 1. Natural factors 2. Processing influence 3. Adulteration 4. Damage and deterioration 5. Differences in laboratory analysis results
There are more than 20 kinds of trace elements required by livestock and poultry, which play an important role in metabolism and are important structural substances in the body of livestock and poultry. Although minerals do not contain energy, they are closely related to the metabolism of energy-producing proteins, carbohydrates, fats and other substances and have a huge impact. They are necessary substances to ensure the health and growth of livestock and poultry. For example, paving and chlorine are the raw materials for the formation of gastric juice and gastric acid, and can promote the activity of digestive enzymes, make the feed into a soluble state, and improve the utilization rate of feed. Because it has a catalytic effect on the enzymes of the digestive juice, it improves the digestive effect, and can also improve the palatability of the diet and increase the appetite of livestock and poultry. Mineral trace elements are very important to maintain the normal physiological functions of livestock and poultry. The lack of minerals can cause many diseases and symptoms in livestock and poultry.
Inferior feed or unreasonable feed will also cause environmental pollution and waste of resources. Long-term use of manure with high content of trace elements for fertilization will cause accumulation of trace elements in the soil and pollution, which will have a toxic effect on plants (especially crops), seriously affect the growth and development of plants, and reduce crop yields. Once the excrement pollutes the water source, it will also cause great harm, which can worsen the water quality and cause the death of aquatic organisms. The research on trace elements in feed is also a piece of content that the scientific research department pays more attention to!
Therefore, it is very important to analyze the ratio of raw materials in the feed!
The tissue grinder is a special, fast, efficient, multi-tube consistent system. It can extract and purify the original DNA, RNA and protein from any source (including soil, plant and animal tissues, etc.). Put the sample and the grinding beads into the grinding tube, put it into the grinder under the action of high-frequency oscillation, the grinding beads will hit and rub at high speed back and forth in the grinder, and the grinding, crushing, mixing and mixing of the sample can be completed in a very short time. Cell wall is broken. Pre-processing for sample research can improve the efficiency of sample research.



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