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Experiments on grinding and breaking joint ligaments of mice with freeze grinder

1. Research background
       Mouse joints are tough and the bones are relatively hard. Manual grinding is usually difficult to grind sufficiently; it is even more difficult to handle high-throughput samples. In this experimental scheme, a frozen grinder is used as an example to grind a joint sample of a mouse, and the sample can be processed in 45 seconds.
2. Grinding method
    1. Experimental steps:
    a. Prepare 100 mg of mouse articular ligament to be ground, a set of 5 ml steel canister cleaned and sterilized, several grinding beads, and one liter of liquid nitrogen;
    b. Place the sample and grinding beads in a 5ml steel tank, immerse the whole in liquid nitrogen for 1min, and then install it on the frozen grinder;
    c, set the frequency to 60hz, time 45s, start the equipment to grind;
    d. After the equipment stops running, take out the grinding steel tank;
    e. Open the steel tank and add 1ml of extract to mix manually;
    f, continue the subsequent extraction experiment.



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