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What is the grinding method and grinding fineness used by the multi-sample cryo-grinder?

For the choice of grinding equipment, I believe these points will definitely be the prerequisite for your choice. Like: whether it is suitable for the grinding of samples, how much the grinding details of the samples can be achieved, whether it can meet the needs of other sample grinding and so on.
And it is precisely the fineness of the sample grinding that many grinders will pay attention to.

We choose a cryo-grinder to grind the bone tissue. What grinding method is used and how much can the sample be ground?

The tissue grinder can grind the sample at a lower or higher speed within 2 seconds. There is no requirement for the amount of feed. The speed and time of sample homogenization are 0-70Hz/s, which can be adjusted by itself. Can be upgraded to ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen
Cooling or air refrigeration grinding, the fineness of the sample after grinding can reach 5 mesh size.

What method is used to apply liquid nitrogen cryo-grinding:

1. Immerse the grinding jar and adapter with the sample in liquid nitrogen to quickly cool it to minus 196 degrees to prevent the sample from being degraded or changing the physical properties of the sample.

2. Add the adaptor to the grinder, and the temperature in the cavity is quickly reduced to a low temperature state through the liquid nitrogen effect, thus ensuring that the entire sample grinding process is in a low temperature state.

3. Close the lock of the instrument, set the grinding parameters, turn on the instrument, and perform cryogenic grinding of the sample.

The grinding equipment mainly applies the new technology of ultra-low temperature grinding to the grinding of plant tissues, the fragmentation of cells, and the detection of DNA in biochemistry. Detection of drug properties, determination of trace elements, various plastics, rubbers and other polymer compounds
Analysis of points, identification of textile components, etc. At the same time, it can also retain volatile matter, extract nucleic acid/protein and other components in the sample, avoid contamination during the sample grinding process, and so on. It is one of our preferred equipment for sample grinding.



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