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Application of tissue abrasive tester (DNA extractor)

Tissue abrasive tester, also known as DNA extractor, is a common tool for laboratory sample preparation. It can crush, mix, homogenize and break samples by oscillating tungsten carbide pellets or stainless steel beads back and forth in the sample tube. It can crush hard, soft and elastic samples rapidly and homogenize them. It meets the requirements of physical and chemical analysis laboratory and configures different volumes. Grinding tanks of different materials can be ground by dry, wet and freeze. TopYunnong High-throughput Tissue Grinding Instrument can also be used for cell breakage and DNA/RNA extraction. It is widely used in agriculture, biomedicine, food, quality inspection, universities and other industries.

Functional characteristics of high throughput tissue abrasive tester:

1. The grinding is fast, and 24, 56 or 192 samples can be grinded quickly and effectively in 2-4 minutes.

2. Principle of comminution: impact force, friction force.

3. Wide applicability, grinding hard, neutral, soft, brittle, elastic, containing fibers and other properties of samples.

4. Dry grinding, wet grinding and low temperature grinding.

5. Closed sample tube to avoid cross-contamination.

6. Adjustable oscillation speed, programmable grinding times, grinding time and pause time.

7. Fastening device with automatic center positioning.

8. The tightening and disassembly of the grinding tank are simple and safe.

9. The protective shield has a transparent observation window, which can stop immediately when the cover is opened and be protected safely.



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