Several Fast Fault Recognition Methods for High-throughput Tissue Grinder
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Several Fast Fault Recognition Methods for High-throughput Tissue Grinder

Maintenance of high-throughput tissue Abrasives has always been an important factor in maintaining its stability and reducing the failure rate. But how can we find out the problems for those instruments that have already been faulted? Today we are going to teach you several methods to quickly identify the faults of high-throughput tissue abrasives.

I. Observation

Through vision, smell and touch. In some cases, damaged components will discolor, foam or appear burnt spots; burned components will produce some special odor; short-circuit chips will be scalded; virtual soldering or de-soldering can also be observed with the naked eye.

II. Percussion Method

The so-called tapping is to tap the plug-in board or components of the high-throughput tissue Abrasives through small rubber hammers or other tapping objects to see if it can cause errors or downtime. The so-called hand pressure is when the fault occurs, after turning off the power supply, the insert parts and plugs and seats are firmly pressed by hand again, and then turn on to try to eliminate the fault. If it is found that knocking the casing is normal and then knocking is not normal, it is better to re-insert all the joints and try again. If the brains are not successful, we have to find another way.


The method of judging the cause of failure by some plug-in boards and devices in the plug-in machine. When a plug-in board or device is unplugged, the instrument returns to normal, indicating where the failure occurred.

IV. Raising and Decreasing Temperature Method

Sometimes the high flux tissue grinder works for a long time, or when the working environment temperature is high in summer, it will break down, shut down and check the normal, stop for a period of time and turn on again, and then it will break down again. This phenomenon is due to the poor performance of individual IC or components, and the high temperature characteristic parameters can not meet the requirements of the indicators. In order to find out the cause of the failure, the method of raising and lowering the temperature can be used.



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