Reasons for Using High-throughput Tissue Grinder
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Reasons for Using High-throughput Tissue Grinder

Sample pretreatment is a time-consuming and error-prone step in the process of experimental analysis. The effect of sample treatment will directly affect the final results of subsequent analysis. Therefore, in order to improve the efficiency of analysis and determination and the accuracy and representativeness of the results, it is necessary to use high-throughput tissue grinder as a professional equipment in the process of sample grinding.

Food samples belong to complex matrix system, which contains protein, oil, carbohydrate, pigment and other components. Complex matrix background will bring great trouble to the extraction, separation, purification and determination of the target compounds. Therefore, food sample pretreatment is not only complex and difficult, but also decisive for the accuracy, reliability and sensitivity of the analysis results. The experimental efficiency can be greatly improved by using high-throughput tissue abrasives. The instrument can crush, mix, homogenize and break up samples by oscillating tungsten carbide or stainless steel beads back and forth in the sample tube. It can crush hard, soft and elastic samples quickly and homogenize them. It meets the requirements of physical and chemical analysis laboratory. It can be equipped with grinding tanks of different volume and materials to dry, wet and freeze grinding. Grinding, suitable for DNA/RNA extraction experiments.

A large number of practices have proved that frozen grinding of maize leaves with high-throughput tissue grinder can directly immerse grinding tubes and adapters in liquid nitrogen. With only 1-2 minutes of liquid nitrogen freezing at one time and 2 minutes of grinding at one time, up to 54 2.0 ml samples can be crushed in batches. The treatment time is fast and the temperature rise is effectively prevented, which provides a guarantee for the effective advance of nucleic acid in the follow-up. In addition, liquid nitrogen is greatly saved and the operation is safer.



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