The difference between rapid tissue grinder and conventional grinder
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The difference between rapid tissue grinder and conventional grinder

In the fields of biological research, agricultural products and seed inspection, and import and export commodity inspection and quarantine, it is often necessary to grind plant tissues to obtain DNA, RNA or protein, etc.
Biological macromolecules for subsequent analysis and detection. With the accelerating progress of laboratory scientific research, manual grinding can no longer meet the needs of scientific research. More and more
All of the researchers have begun to use plant tissue grinders for grinding, which not only saves time and effort, but is also simpler. Among them, most of the currently popular grinding machines are based on grinding steel balls
There are two main types of high-speed collision principles. One is the rapid tissue grinding machine, and the other is the conventional grinding machine. So what are the performance characteristics of these two types of machines?
Is there any difference in use? What are the differences in grinding effect? How to choose a model? Take the above two kinds of representatives as a reference for comparison, and compare these problems

Make a brief summary:

          Rapid tissue grinder                                                                       Conventional grinding machine

Model features:

·The three-dimensional random collision between the                     ·The grinding beads and the tissue reciprocate in a

  grinding beads and the tissue in the centrifuge tube                      single point collision in the centrifuge tube

  ensures that the sample has no dead ends;

·Large oscillation rate: 2000rpm                                                   ·Large oscillation rate: 2000rpm

·Large-throughput 2×96-well deep-well plate or 2×50ml                 ·Large-throughput 2×96-well deep-well plate;

 grinding jar;

·Programmable intermittent grinding                                            ·Intermittent grinding is not supported

Use difference:

·Generally operate on the laboratory desktop                                ·Generally operate on the laboratory desktop

·Frozen Grinding                                                                        ·Does not support freezing grinding

·The adapter can be taken out at any time and can be                   ·The adapter cannot be taken out of the machine, let 

 immersed in liquid nitrogen                                                          alone soaked in liquid nitrogen

The centrifuge tube does not need to be placed                            ·The centrifuge tube must be placed symmetrically in 

 symmetrically in the adapter                                                        the adapter

Grinding effect:

·Discharge particle size is about 5μm                                           ·Discharge particle size is about 5μm

So how to choose the model that suits you?

Reasons for choosing a conventional grinder: it is necessary to grind and process more than 200 micro samples at a time, or to process a large volume (50-100ml) sample at a time; no freezing grinding is required.

Reasons for choosing the fast tissue grinder: I am used to operating on the laboratory bench; the processing capacity is less than 200 micro samples at a time, and it is necessary to grind larger volume (about 50ml) or hard-textured samples; it needs to be frequently frozen and ground;

Regarding the price, according to the information currently learned, the price of the rapid plant tissue grinder is not much different from that of the domestic conventional grinder, and both have different models of machines.
Therefore, the pricing is different. Compared with the high price of more than 100,000 or more of similar imported models, it is actually more favorable. In fact, regardless of technology and quality, the current gap between domestic and imported grinding machines.
It is already very small, and in terms of spot and after-sales, domestic grinding machines have obvious advantages. After all, the long delivery period and high maintenance costs are saved by users.



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