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A Method for Extracting Fatty Acids from Pineapple Fruits by Automatic Rapid Grinding Instrument

Teachers at the College of Chemical Engineering, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology need to extract the fatty acid content of pineapple fruit and carry out the next scientific research. The requirement is to cut the mature pineapple fruit into slices, dry it in natural state or dry it in oven, make the sample dry, and then grind and extract it. As we all know, pineapple fruit has a high sugar content. Dry samples are easy to agglomerate in the grinding process. It is difficult to grind. Before that, liquid nitrogen was poured into the grinding bowl by hand and grinded rapidly in freeze-drying state. It usually takes about three times to grind. The grinding sample is not enough, the experimental results are not as expected, and the teacher is not satisfied. The dry pineapple fruit samples were grinded by automatic rapid grinder.

Grinding principle

Pineapple fruit has a high content of fibre and sugar. When grinding, the sample is freeze-dried in liquid nitrogen. The sample is grinded with steel tank and steel beads.

Section 3: Sample specific grinding method

Experimental steps

Step 1: Pineapple Fruit Sample and Grinding Steel Tank

Step 2: Place the sample in the steel tank, and then immerse the steel tank in liquid nitrogen for several minutes.

Step 3: Setting parameters grinding frequency, time setting can grind into powder.

Step 4: Take the sample from the grinder, open the steel tank and pour out the sample.

After grinding, the sample is fine and dispersed powder in the freezing state of liquid nitrogen. Once it is returned to normal temperature, it will adhere firmly and agglomerate to meet the experimental requirements.



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